Commercial Light Sell Sheet


•  Our Lowest Price Ever

•  Installs in as Little as One Hour

•  Comes with Cellular Modem and Data Plan (No IT Hassles for You!)


DECK is now offering an easy and economical monitoring solution for simple Commercial PV systems:

  • Only one revenue-grade meter for total generation — no additional meters or devices
  • Maximum system size of 320A
  • 3-phase 4-wire commercial circuit

With Commercial Light you get the key benefits of the DECK Monitoring solution with just one device:  the kV2c socket meter from GE. This meter includes a cellular modem, so the installer won’t have to deal with communications wiring and IT connections. The Commercial Light package also comes with a 5-year data plan from Verizon, so you can truly have a “plug and play” experience with your installation and deployment.




Commercial Light from DECK Monitoring comes with a 5-year software service plan that provides the same key benefits as our standard monitoring packages:

  • Your own terrific looking public Dashboard display
  • Portfolio management tools in the Integrator Admin Panel
  • DECK’s industry-leading customer service

Commercial Light gives you options for popular additional features from DECK Monitoring. If your project requires third-party data reporting, DECK provides easy and affordable data reporting services, satisfying virtually every certification requirement in the industry.

For those who wish for enhanced analytic powers to evaluate system performance, we offer SolarAnywhere SystemCheck. This feature provides satellite-based irradiance data localized to your project site. Plug in a few specs for your system, and SolarAnywhere SystemCheck provides a predictive power calculator to generate performance baselines that are adjusted for your local irradiance values.

DECK can also help you source touchscreen kiosk display hardware for any projects where your customer requests a building lobby display.


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Would you also like more information about our DECK Residential socket meter solution? Click Here!




Commercial Light Sell Sheet:

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