Shipping Policies

Reference Numbers

You will find the DECK Job# on your DECK Quote, as well as packing slips and emails from our ticketing system. Please note this number, as it is the method by which we locate your shipment for tracking and modification.

Regular shipments

Deck Monitoring provides for regular ground shipment via common carrier of our choice included in the quoted cost. Any additional costs incurred above and beyond this initial cost are the sole responsibility of the Customer.

Signature Required

Every package we ship requires a signature at the point of delivery.

Third Party Billing

Third Party billing is available for customers that have UPS, Fedex Ground or Fedex Express accounts. In order to process a Third Party shipment we will need the following information:

  • Account Number
  • Company Name
  • Company Billing Address
  • Contact  Name
  • Contact Telephone Number

This information must be provided during your order to be used. Please speak to your representative.

Unsupported Addresses

Deck Monitoring does not support shipment to the following types of addresses

  • P.O. Boxes
  • Educational Institutions
  • Military Bases
  • Construction Sites

If you require a shipment be delivered to any of these types of addresses, please contact to make alternative arrangements. We will be happy to make your shipment available at a nearby facility or have your shipment redirected to your office.


Shipping redirect requests

If the address that a hardware order is to be shipped to has changed from the time an order has been entered, we require a Change Order form be submitted with those revisions before redirecting a shipment to a new destination.

This can be found on the web at:

Invoices for shipping charges

In the instance that you have incurred shipping charges in excess of those provisioned by your initial Purchase Order (such as those indicated in a Change Order form) your balance due will be appended to your next invoice.

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