Getting Started

The DECK Monitoring public API is designed to be light and intuitive, however moderate programming skill is required.

Our standard interchange format is JSON. All URLs should be appended with the .json extension. Some parts of our API may use RESTful architecture. If for whatever reason you are unable to use some of the HTTP request types, the verb can be specified in a request parameter named "_method" (eg: _method=GET|POST|PUT|DELETE).

Unicode escape sequences may also be used for special characters. For example "\u00b0" specifies the degrees character.

Unless specified otherwise all date/time stamps are represented as a string in the following format:  YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM.

Authentication and Tokens

Most of our services require a token. Services that perform write actions will require standard HTTP authentication. You may request a token and authentication credentials by contacting our support team.

Useful resources

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