GET data/raw

Returns data as reported by the device in a specified time range.

URL (responds with JSON text)

or (responds with a CSV file)

Request Options

  • data_key_id: id of the data_key
  • system_node_id: id of a system_node that owns a data_key (e.g. a device's node). Use this in place of data_key_id
  • location_id (deprecated): the location id of a DECK location that's system node delegates to a data_key. 
  • range_start: yyyy-mm-dd
  • range_end: yyyy-mm-dd
  • period: Omit this option to use data as it is sent from the device (before DECK's processing). Otherwise, can be raw (uses DECK's prepared version but does not roll-up times), hour, day, month, 900, etc.
  • columns: If using this option, omit the period option as this only works on "raw" data before DECK's processing. Comma-separated list of column names as they are sent from the device.
  • token: A security token supplied by DECK.


A csv  or json file of the requested data. If we encounter a common error, we will instead return html explaining the issue.

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