GET locations

Returns a list of locations you have access to.



token: A security token supplied by DECK.


An array of hash objects.

id: The unique identifier of the location.
name: The display name of the location.
lat: The latitude of the location.
lon: The longitude of the location.
timezone: The timezone of the location.
system_size: System Size in kW DC.
devices:  An array of device objects.

Each device object has the following attributes:

id: The unique identifier of the device.
name: The device name.
data_key_id: The unique identifier of the data key object that holds data for this device.

Example Usage

Example Response (truncated)

   "id": 2,
   "name": "Sustainable Centennial",
   "lat": "44.060500"
   "lon": "-123.079292"
   "system_size": 3046.578 
   "timezone": "Pacific Time (US & Canada)"

   "devices": [
           "id": 6,
           "name": "Power Meter / Gateway",
           "data_key_id": 5
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