GET data/latest

Returns the most recent data for a specific location or node.



target_type: node|location|device
target_id: The id of the node, location or device.
token: A security token suplied by DECK.


An array of hash objects.

unit: The unit of measure that the value is delived in (eg: "kWh").
data_type: The type of data point (eg: "cumulative generation", "power")
value: The value of the point.
time: The time stamp of that data point.

Example Usage

Example Response (truncated)

   "unit": "\u00b0F",
   "data_type": "temperature out",
   "value": 108.998,
   "time": "2010-04-08 14:15"
   "unit": "gpm",
   "data_type": "volume rate",
   "value": 0.0,
   "time": "2010-04-08 14:15"
   "unit": "gallons",
   "data_type": "volume",
   "value": 4184.0,
   "time": "2010-04-08 14:15"


Please note that the "\u00b0" escape sequence is used for the degrees special character.

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