DECK Monitoring provides access to our core data features via API and is actively expanding our API coverage and documentation. You may use this API to send us time-based data from any device. We will store and process it for you and make it quick and easy to retrieve your data at any time. Use our dashboard or admin to view your data or create your own tools for custom visualization.

Before you get started, please contact our knowledgable sales team by calling (503) 224-5546. They will set you up with a test site and necessary credentials for interacting with our system.

What can you do with our API?

  • Send us time-based data (hourly granularity at a minimum). See "POST data" documentation.
  • View details about your locations and devices. See "GET locations" documentation.
  • Get your latest data. This is the data that shows up in our dashboard gauges and our overview numbers. It includes the latest results from formula calculations (such as summing multiple meter readings). See "GET data/latest" documentation.
  • Retrieve your historical prepared data. This is your data rolled up into 15 minute, hour, day or custom-period summaries. We intelligently calculate data from intermittently reporting devices and correctly weight averages. We use this data in our graphs. See "GET data/graph" documentation.
  • Retrieve your historical raw data in CSV format. This is the unmodified data that has been sent to us. See "GET data/raw" documentation.
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