4.2: Alarms: Alarm Home Pages and Create Alarm

Alarms:  Alarm Home Pages

The Home Page for each alarm contains all the vital information and controls you will need to manage that alarm. The Alarm Home Page is where you must go when you want to change alarm trigger settings or change designated email notification recipients. An alarm home page also displays current alarm status and complete alarm event history.

You can access an alarm’s Home Page by clicking on the alarm name either in a Recent Events page view, or in a System Status page view (both examples shown below).



Key Information and Settings on Alarm Home Pages



Create Alarm

+Create Alarm is the page view you will use to create new active alarms.

First choose from a list of available alarm types for your system. The DECK application will automatically determine all available alarm options based on reporting system hardware and/or data services.



You can create a new active alarm in 3 steps:

  1. Name your alarm: Choose a name that is descriptive and site-specific, such as “Veris Meter Device Reporting Alarm for AMSI Center.” If desired, add an alarm description. You can also choose whether or not to receive alarm resolved email notifications.
  2. Choose trigger settings: Different types of alarms have different settings requirements. Note that the small question mark (“?”) buttons will provide more information about required fields.
  3. Choose recipients for email notifications: You may choose from a drop-down menu of registered users from your own company, or you can use External Email Notifications to input new email addresses.


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