2.2: System Navigation and System Solar Statistics

System Navigation

System Navigation tabs do not appear on your Admin Panel page views when you have navigated to “global” (portfolio-wide) page views. That includes your Systems View: Map page view, your global Solar Statistics page views, Support page views, User Management page views, etc.

When you navigate to a system-specific page view, however, your System Navigation tabs will appear on the left side of the gray stripe at the top of the page (see image below).



System Navigation tabs provide access to system-specific data and software features. System Navigation allows you to find:

  • System-specific Solar Statistics
  • System-specific Analytics (graphing tool)
  • System-specific String Analytics (only activated on systems with string-level monitoring package)
  • System-specific Alarms (create and edit alarms for this system)
  • System-specific Downloads (download raw data sets)
  • System-specific Notes (create, edit, and sort your own system notes)
  • System-specific Logistics (track active hardware shipments for this system)
  • System-specific Extensions (activate available added features for this system)
  • System-specific Settings (user management controls for this system) 

(You may also access Analytics, Alarms, and Notes for your entire portfolio in global page views... see Global Navigation, Section 1.1.)


System Solar Statistics

The Solar Statistics page view for each individual system shows a range of helpful system diagnostics in a single page view that is ideal for phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Available metrics for the System Solar Statistics page view include:

  • System at a Glance statistics
  • Average Generation per kW Installed
  • Seasonal Effect on Solar Production
  • Past 12 Months Generation Total
  • Annual Generation Equivalencies
  • 3 Day Production Performance Overlay
  • 3 Month Production Performance Overlay
  • Peak Performance Historical Graph
  • Monthly Peak kW to DC Nameplate Rating



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