5.1: Options to Download Reports

Options to Download System Data Reports

There are 3 areas within your DECK Admin Panel where you can dowload data reports to your computer:

  • All Analytics page views include a quick link to download raw data sets as .csv files. Reports created here will feature the same data points as displayed on whatever graph is currently generated on that page view (see Section 3.1).
  • “Downloads” page views can be found in System Navigation for each project. Download raw data sets as .csv files. This interface will generate separate reports for each reporting device in your system (see below).
  • Your Reporting Center is found in global navigation links, and it allows you to include multiple devices and/or systems in one report. Generate reports in either spreadsheet or PDF format. The Reporting Center includes the most detailed options to create custom reports (see below).


System Downloads

System Downloads is a convenient place to download complete data sets from individual devices:

  • First choose the desired system from one of your portfolio page views (Map or Solar Statistics). 
  • Once you are in that system’s page views, choose “Downloads” from the row of System Navigation tabs.
  • All reporting system devices will be listed here (even if the device is no longer reporting, you can access historical data here). Find the device for which you want a data download.
  • Using the calendar controls, select a start and end date for the data set you wish to download.
  • Click one of the CSV icons in the far right column to download a spreadsheet report to your computer hard drive. Each icon provides different data granularity in your report: 15 minute, Hourly, Daily, Monthly, or Raw (provides data as reported, typically 15 minute granularity).





Reporting Center

Your Reporting Center is where you will find the most powerful tools to generate reports for download. You will find many customization options here that are not available anywhere else in your Admin Panel:

  • Generate reports in either PDF or spreadsheet (.csv) format
  • Include line graph and data table content
  • Directly select data points across multiple systems to combine in one report
  • Schedule reports for regular automated downloads in the future
  • Save report parameters for future use


If you have saved any reports in the past, or scheduled reports for regular automated downloads, those reports will appear in list format at the top of your Reporting Center page view (see below). Clicking on a report name here will take you to a page view where you can edit report settings and change the report download schedule. You will also find a button to create a new report.



If you have not saved or scheduled any reports, your Reporting Center page view will display fields to create a new report (by default you will see fields for “Preset Reports”). The first field at the top of the page will ask you to choose between a “Preset Report” and a “Custom Data Type by Node Report.”



Preset Reports

  • Preset Reports generate in PDF format
  • Preset Reports may include line graphs (single system data only) and actual vs expected summary tables (multiple systems from portfolio).
  • Preset Reports may be saved, or scheduled for regular future downloads (these reports may be scheduled for download as soon as the following day, but are not available for immediate download)


Custom Data Type by Node Reports

  • Custom Reports generate in spreadsheet format (.csv files)
  • Custom Reports allow you to combine data points across multiple systems
  • Custom Reports may be saved, scheduled for regular future downloads, or downloaded immediately


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