7.2: System Notes, Logistics, and Extensions

System Notes, Logistics, and Extensions

System Notes

The interface for System Notes is identical to the interface for Global Notes, as described in Manual Section 6.4. The only difference is that your Global Notes interface will include notes from all systems in your portfolio, while System Notes will only display notes associated with the designated system location.



The Logistics page view for each of your systems provides a convenient archive with records of every system purchase transaction with DECK Monitoring. Listed purchase information includes serial numbers and shipping status for all DECK-sourced hardware devices, as well as shipper tracking codes. Use your Logistics page views to monitor deployment status for all your projects with DECK Monitoring.




The Extensions page view within each system section provides an opportunity for system administrators to directly order SolarAnywhere SystemCheck with integrated satellite irradiance data from Clean Power Research. For more information on SolarAnywhere SystemCheck, click here.


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