1.1: Global Navigation and Map View

This is Section 1.1 of the complete guide to the DECK Admin Panel


Logging In


Upon opening you will be greeted by the login screen for the DECK Monitoring Admin Panel. Enter your login credentials supplied to you by DECK Monitoring.

(You may also access the Admin Panel by clicking “Client Login” from the home page at

Global Navigation

Every page in your Admin Panel has a black stripe across the top of the page, as shown below. You will � find Global Navigation tabs on the right side of this stripe.


Global Navigation tabs provide access to top-level portfolio management tools such as:

  • Account Information
  • User Management Settings
  • Display Management Settings
  • Reporting Center (create and edit portfolio-wide reports for export as PDF or spreadsheet)
  • Support Resources (installation guides, software user manuals, video tutorials and more)

Global Navigation also provides access to data displays that encompass all systems in your project portfolio:

  • Systems View: Map
  • Global Statistics (classic solar statistics plus 3 sortable fleet management tables)
  • Global Analytics (graphing tool to compare data from multiple systems)
  • Global Alarms (view alarm status for all systems in one page view)
  • Global Notes (create, edit, and review notes for all systems in your portfolio) 

(You may also access Analytics, Alarms, and Notes for individual systems within your portfolio... see System Navigation, Section 2.2)


Systems View: Map

This page shows a list of all systems in your portfolio in the left column, along with a map showing the location of your sites in the right panel.
The list will arrange your systems in alphabetical order. Type the first few letters of a site name in the Filter window to bring that system to the top of the list.




You can dig into specific data displays for any system either by clicking the system name in the left column, or by clicking on the pin icon in the map graphic. Both actions take you to the System Details page view for that project (for more on System Details page view features, see Section 2.1).

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