6.4: Global Notes

Global Notes

The Notes feature is an important tool for communication about your energy systems. Here you can post notes that will be seen by designated Admin Panel Users with access to Notes. Users utilize the Notes feature for a variety of common system management tasks including:

  • Reminders for scheduled system maintenance needs
  • Attach explanationzs to triggered alarm events
  • Share results of service visits to site
  • Like Alarms and Analytics, you may access Notes for all systems in your portfolio by choosing “Notes” from your Global Views navigation drop-down menu. Or you may access Notes specific to any single system by choosing “Notes” from your System Navigation options.



By default your notes will be shown in chronological order, with the most recent note first. However, by clicking on the other three categories — “Message,” “User,” and “Location” — you can change the order of your notes for quick searching and sorting.

In the left panel you can choose whether to see all notes, notes created by you, or notes created in response to triggered alarms.

To create a new note, click the button labeled “New Note” in the upper left corner of this screen.

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