6.2: Display Management Settings

Display Management Settings

This page provides the opportunity to create a Portfolio Dashboard for two or more systems from your full portfolio. You may select a group of systems from your portfolio to display on one single public-facing web page. Portfolio Dashboards are ideal when you have a customer eager to promote several projects with one web display. These dashboards are also a great tool for developers who wish to display their full portfolio of system dashboards for new customers as part of the sales process.
The Portfolio Dashboard shows all selected systems in a map view resembling the Admin Panel map page. All selected systems appear as pins on your map, and they are listed in column form on the left side of the map. Because the Portfolio Dashboard is intended for public viewing, however, the system pins in this map do not reveal the current alarm status for your systems.

Clicking on a system pin in a Portfolio Dashboard triggers a pop-up window with the full name of the system and a link to open the unique dashboard for that system. Clicking that link will open the system dashboard within the pop-up window:



The first thing you will see when you access your Display Management page is the following field to enable a Portfolio Dashboard. Check the box to enable public portfolio, then click “save” to proceed.



Clicking through takes you to the settings page for a Portfolio Dashboard. This page provides the following customizable options for your Portfolio Dashboard:

Customize URL

Your dashboard URL will begin with the following: “”. By default, the DECK application will add your account name to the end of this chain to form a full URL for your portfolio dashboard. If you would like the end phrase of your URL to differ from your account name, use the field here to change it.

Logo or Title

Here you can choose content for the header area at the top of your Portfolio Dashboard page. Choosing “Title” triggers a field where you can enter the name for your Portfolio Dashboard. This title will appear in gray in our standard font. Choosing “Title” means that you will not be able to upload a logo image file into your page header area.

Choosing “Logo” triggers a field where you can upload an image file of your logo that will be placed at the top of your Portfolio Dashboard page. Please note that your logo will appear at a fixed height of 50 pixels; it is not possible to enlarge your logo file beyond that size. Choosing “Logo” means that you will not be able to enter a text title for your page.

Locations and Dashboards

Here you should see a list of every system in your portfolio. Select the systems you want to include in your Portfolio Dashboard. Please note that you must include at least 2 systems in a Portfolio Dashboard.



Additional Customization Options

Background Image

You may choose a background image to appear behind the map on your Portfolio Dashboard page.
Please note that your background image will be stretched as your Portfolio Dashboard is viewed on displays with varying size and aspect ratio. For this reason we advise against including type elements in a background image.
For best results, your background image should be sized no smaller than 1200 x 800 pixels.

Twitter Feed

You may also enter a twitter username to create a link for your twitter feed. Twitter links will appear at the bottom of your Portfolio Dashboard page.

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