6.3: Support Resources

Support Resources

DECK Monitoring is an industry leader for helpful support resources online. The Support section in your Admin Panel contains a huge range of documents, videos, and tools such as Live Support and our Granular Decision Guide.

Live Support

The first option in your Support drop-down menu is “Live Support.” Clicking Live Support triggers the pop-up window seen below:



This window gives you the option to begin a live web chat with one of our support technicians on any
support-related topic. Enter your question in the blank field, then click “next” to begin your live chat.

Live Support is available M − F from 9:00am to 8:00pm Eastern (6:00am to 5:00pm Pacific).


Support Videos

Your second option in the Support drop-down menu is Support Videos. Here you will find a range of video tutorials for various tasks associated with the monitoring installation process. Topics include:

  • Modbus wiring 
  • Installation and configuration for AcquiSuite gateways
  • Installation for meters
  • Installation for weather stations
  • Installation for DC current sensors




Support Documents

Clicking on Support Documents in your Support drop-down menu navigates you to our Support Desk document library, shown below.




Our Support Document library is organized into 5 top-level categories:

System Planning and Project Management

These are documents that you will find useful as you plan, purchase, and deploy your DECK Monitoring system. Topics covered here include sales documents and planning guides, hardware spec sheets, project management guidelines, DECK policies and legal, and information about third party data reporting services from DECK.

Installation Guides and Hardware Support

These are how-to guides relating to physical installation of monitoring hardware. Articles here include DECK publications as well as documents from device manufacturers.

Software User Manuals and Software Support

In addition to DECK application user manuals, this section also contains set-up and configuration instructions for our software, as well as documentation about our API.

System Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Here you will find troubleshooting resources, as well as warranty and return policies for hardware devices sourced by DECK Monitoring.

Newsletter Archive

This section contains archived articles from our monthly newsletters.


Note that most forum titles in orange show 3 listed articles below. In most of these cases, there are more than 3 articles included in that forum! (Our document library platform does not support more than 3 visible listings for each forum category on this page view.)

The small gray number next to each orange category title shows the number of articles in that section. So, in the example below, the category titled “Click Here for all System Planning Docs” includes 7 articles.



Clicking on any orange category title opens that section, allowing you to see all articles in the category. Then click on any article name to access that content.


Granular Decision Guide

DECK customers may choose to add DC-side data collection to their monitoring packages, enhancing the “granularity” of reporting data across their array. DC-side monitoring options include sub-array level monitoring (more granularity), and string level monitoring (most granularity). The DECK Granular Decision Guide helps customers decide which level of granularity makes most economic sense for a given PV system: string level monitoring, sub-array level monitoring, or no DC-side monitoring at all.



This proprietary DECK tool can be found as “Decision Guide” in the Support drop-down menu. The Granular Decision Guide puts a dollar value on various production loss scenarios, and compares those totals against the combined costs of monitoring upgrades and site visits necessary to identify and correct performance issues in your PV system. This tool provides a granular monitoring recommendation for your system based on the delta between potential economic loss and the hard costs of monitoring and service trips to site.

Simply add values into the 5 content fields here, then click “See Recommendation” to get your personalized Decision Guide results. For more information on the DECK Granular Decision Guide, click here.

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