Admin Panel User Manual Directory

Click the images to access Sections 1 - 7 of the DECK Admin Panel User Manual:


Section 1 covers Admin Panel page views showing your full portfolio of systems. This manual section covers global navigation as well as maps, tables, and graphs where you can see reporting data for more than one system.


Section 2 covers page views showing survey info for individual systems. This manual section covers navigation within system view pages, along with System Overview pages and System Statistics page views.


Section 3 covers both global and system analytics sections. These page views allow users to build graphs using data sets from one or more monitored systems.


Section 4 covers Automated Alarms in the DECK Admin Panel.


Section 5 covers options in your Admin Panel to download system data and performance reports in spreadsheet or PDF format.


Section 6 covers additional Admin Panel features found in Global Navigation. This includes account settings, user management settings, display management settings, support resources, and global notes.


Section 7 covers additional Admin Panel features found in System Navigation. This includes system settings, system notes, logistics, and extensions.

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