How to Embed a Widget or Site

Inserting a standalone widget on a page requires only two lines of javascript: 

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> 
<script type="text/javascript">insertDeck( "my_dashboard_id", "widget", 200, 200 );</script> 

And a line of html like this: 

<div id="widget"></div> 

The first line includes the standard deckinsert.js into your page. This uses the light-weight and established swfobject method of inserting Flash on a page. The second line calls a function called insertDeck with the following signature: 

insertDeck( id:String, div:String, width:Number/String, height:Number/String, bkColor:String, swfToInsert:String, wmode:String ); 

The dashboard id can be provided by the DECK team. 

The string name of the block id (such as a div) to insert the Flash movie. 

Width (in pixels) 
Height (in pixels) 

You may optionally add a background color. It should be formatted as a string like this: "#ffcc33". 

insertDeck( "city_of_surprise_solar_generating_system_1", "widget", 200, 200, null, null, "transparent" ); 


Additionally, the function insertDeckUsingHash(hash) will accept the above parameters as named parameters.  This is easier to read in most cases.

id: "city_of_surprise_solar_generating_system_1", 
div: "widget", 
width: 200, 
height: 200, 
wmode: "transparent" 


When in doubt, they could always scroll down to the bottom of and look at the code. The top is minified but the bottom is readable.

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