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DECK offers a wide range of complimentary customization options for your front-end
Dashboard web page. This document explains your customization options and details
your necessary steps to implement Dashboard changes.



Company Logo
“Project Details” Tab
“About” Tab
Custom Colors
How to Request Customizations from DECK


Your first step to Dashboard customization is to understand the options offered by DECK. This document details the 5 elements of the Dashboard that can be altered: Equivalencies, Company Logo, Project Details tab, About tab, and Color.

The second step to Dashboard customization is to gather necessary materials. These materials may include written copy, a “hex number” for your company color, and appropriately sized image files of your company logo and other photos. Necessary materials are described in detail in this document.

The third step to Dashboard customization is to contact your DECK account executive with your list of desired customizations, and to provide DECK with your necessary materials.

Choice of Equivalencies

Equivalencies express your energy data in terms of equivalent energy units that are easy for everyone to understand, such as hours of light bulb usage, gallons of gasoline, and carbon offsets. DECK Monitoring provides these calculations based on formulae provided by the EPA.

Each dashboard comes with 4 pre-selected equivalencies. These can be changed for any of the fifteen options that DECK currently offers. A full list can be found here:


Adding a Company Logo

Initial Dashboard deployments feature the project name as page headline. Please consult your account executive if you have a specific request for headline wording.

Dashboards for solar power systems also feature a sun icon in the upper left hand corner of the page. The sun image can be replaced with your company logo.

You must provide an acceptable image file of your logo to DECK Monitoring. To create an acceptable file often requires image manipulation software such as Photoshop, Paint, or Gimp.

• We accept JPEG, GIF, and PNG files.
• Images must be in RGB color mode.
• Images should be at 72 ppi resolution.
• Please size your file to 50 pixels in height. 


Adding "Project Details" and "About" Tabs

Initial Dashboard deployments feature 3 navigation tabs in the top row navigation bar:
“Home,” “Graph,” and “How Solar Works.” Each tab links to a separate web page of content.

You may include 2 additional tabs if you desire: “Project Details” and “About.” These tabs can feature images and text content provided by the customer... they are excellent tools to generate green PR. These tabs can only be deployed after you have provided necessary materials to DECK.

The Project Details tab is an opportunity to include information about your energy project, including photos of a solar installation and text to communicate the benefits of the project.


The About tab is an opportunity to include information about your company or organization. This area can feature photos and text to promote the system host or the integrator. 


Text: We can include text up to 750 words per tab page... please provide this text in a Word document. We cannot accommodate formatting, so text cannot feature bold, italic, bullet points, etc.

Images: You may provide up to 6 images for each tab page. All images must be sized and prepared to meet the criteria listed below. To create an acceptable file often requires image manipulation software such as Photoshop, Paint, or Gimp.

• We accept jpg files only.
• Images must be in RGB color mode.
• Images should be at 72 ppi resolution.
• Please size all files to 386 pixels in width.

Custom Color

The coloring of some Dashboard elements can be changed to match your client company’s color palate. Dashboard elements that can be changed to a custom color are illustrated in the image below...

1. Top row navigation tabs
2. Gauges
3. Graph buttons


In order to receive a custom color change, you will have to provide DECK Monitoring with a “hex
number” for your desired color.

Hex numbers are a code system used by web programmers to describe web safe colors. If you do not know the hex number for your desired color, there are web resources that can help you find it:

This web page offers a download for free software that can extract a hex number from any color
that appears on your computer monitor. With this software you can find a hex number for a
color appearing in a logo file or on a web page.

This web page includes a color picker tool very similar to the color picker from Photoshop. Here
you can manipulate the tool to create any web safe color and find the corresponding hex code.
But you will have to use your own judgment to select a color that matches your desired color (as seen
in a logo file, etc).

How to Request Customizations from DECK

When you have selected your desired customizations simply email your DECK account executive with a list of desired changes, along with any necessary files. Our typical lead time for complimentary customizations is 48 hours (business days only).

Some additional customizations are available for additional cost, including changing the layout of elements on the Dashboard home page (see example below). If you or your client has a clear vision of how you would like your data presented please contact your account executive to discuss
options for additional changes and cost.


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