Activating CPR Satellite Irradiance Feed

New Feature : CPR Feed

The CPR feed is a satellite feed which allows our customers to pull irradiance and predicted generation values into their sites. This new feature gives users the benefit of modeling their generation against Clean Power Research’s SolarAnywhere product.

To activate this new feature, clients simply choose the ‘Extensions’ link available for all sites:
This brings up a list of all available extensions. Currently SolarAnywhere is the only available extension but this new area of the admin panel allows us the flexibility to add additional extensions in the future.
By clicking ‘Learn More’ the client can see an overview of the product and an activation form (screenshot of form farther below).


To activate the product, the client just needs to enter the necessary information for the site in the revealed form and click "Activate this extension" to proceed. Currently only a single site is supported. That is, multiple inverters of varying sizes are not supported. This feature will be added later in development process but not prior to SPI.
After clicking ‘Activate this extension’ the user is shown the EULA which confirms that they want the product and are authorized to purchase it for this site.
After accepting the EULA, the client will be billed for the product and the product will be activated on their site. After activation, on the ‘Extensions’ area for that site, they will see that the green plus has been replaced with a green check mark.
Navigating to their Overview page, we can see the additional SolarAnywhere device which has been added to their system. These new devices will take up to an hour to populate with data.

As you can see it provides both predicted generation and irradiance values to the client. The client facing effects of this service are seen in the analytics section of their admin panel. As we can see below, the product adds two new graphs to their site:

SolarAnywhere Irradiance vs. Power
SolarAnywhere Predicted Generation vs. Generation

The irradiance and predicted generation values are also available for use through the Advanced Analytics section of the admin panel.


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