SMA Configuration (Central)



It is the goal of this document to provide installation and commissioning informational resources for installing contractors.

 Applies To

• SMA Sunny Central 250-US
• SMA Sunny Central 500-US
• SMA Sunny Central 500HE-US
• SMA Sunny Central 500HE-CA

Special Considerations

The Sunny Central line of inverters is not able to communicate directly with the AcquiSuite data acquisition server. Instead they must be outfitted with an integrated SMA WebBox. If multiple Sunny Central inverters are installed onsite, only one must be equipped with the WebBox, but it should be noted that the standalone WebBoxes used with SMA’s SunnyBoy line are not compatible.


1a. Connect the included power adapter to
the WebBox’s barrel connector (Fig 1-A).

1b. Use the W215 adapter to connect the
RS485 twisted shielded pair cable to the
SMA COM port (Fig 1-B). Pins 6 and 7
correspond to the positive and negative
data conductors respectively, while pin 5
should be connected to the reference or
common conductor.


2. Observing DECK’s Modbus wiring standards, connect the RS485    cable to each Sunny Central inverter and SensorBox on site.

3. Connect WebBox to a local area network with CAT5
    ethernet cable.

4. Terminate the RS485 network at each end by properly positioning    J1 jumpers (Fig 2-A):

Mount jumper J1A at the WebBox and at the final SMA device on the network.

Mount jumpers J1B and J1C only at the WebBox to properly bias the network.



The SMA WebBox must be configured to transmit data to DECK’s servers. Refer to the latest version of DECK’s SMA WebBox programming guide for detailed instructions.

Once all configuration steps have been completed and the device is successfully communicating over the internet, make note of the device’s serial number and contact DECK support at 503-224-5546 to complete the installation.

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