HOW-TO install the PVPowered Acquisuite template

Step 1: Update the Firmware on the AcquiSuite


In order to update the firmware on the Acquisuite, you must connect to the AcquiSuite's Web Interface via the local network. The most reliable way to do this is to connect a laptop to the same network hub/switch to which the AcquiSuite is connected.

To test the accessibility of the AcquiSuite, note the IP address displayed on its LCD, open a web browser (IE / Firefox / Chrome) on your laptop, and type the IP address into the address bar of the browser. Refer to page 11 of the AcquiSuite manual for further details.

Once logged into the AcquiSuite via the Web Admin Interface, here's how to tell if you are on the most current version of Firmware:

  1. Click on the + next to 'System'
  2. Click on 'Firmware Version.' 
  3. From here click on 'Check for Updates.' 

At this point you will either get buttons to download and install the newest firmware or you will get a message that says 'Your system is up-to-date.'

If any of the firmware files are not the latest files, a button will appear to the right-hand side that says 'Update.'



 At this point the file will download from Obvius' servers.



Once it is complete, a button to 'Install and Reboot' will come up.  Press this button and the file will install and then the AcquiSuite will reboot.  You will see the following screen:


Step 2: Upload the new PVP Template to the AcquiSuite

After the firmware has been updated on the AcquiSuite, please perform the following:


  1. From Modbus > Framework, add the .mbt file included in the attached .zip from using the “have disk” feature
  2. From Modbus > Device List, select the device for which you wish to change to using the updated template; click Configure for that device, then remove
  3. From Modbus > Device List, click add; add a new device with the same name and Modbus ID, but make sure that you select the newly uploaded template as the “device type”
  4. After creating the new device, confirm that it is correctly reading data from the inverter
  5. Inform DECK that you have done the above, as there is additional configuration and adjustment that must be performed on our end to make our system recognize the newly updated device.
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