Fronius Modbus Card Wiring & Configuration

It is the goal of this document to provide installation and commissioning informational resources for installing contractors. Specifically, this guide covers the wiring and configuration procedures for Fronius inverters equipped with the Fronius Modbus Card.  This guide is not applicable to inverters which connect to the AcquiSuite using the Fronius USB dongle.


Applies to:

The following inverters may be equipped with the optional Modbus Card.

  • Fronius IG Plus
  • Fronius IG Plus V
  • Fronius IG
  • Fronius CL

NOTE: This guide is not a substitute for the manufacturer's documentation.  Please refer to the Modbus Card Manual provided by Fronius for complete details and be sure to follow all warnings therein to ensure that personal injury or equipment damage does not occur.  Electrical wiring should be completed only by an experienced and legally qualified individual.



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