Columbia Weather Station: Installation Appendix

All weather stations come pre-configured to Modbus ID 51.

Installation Overview

Unpacking the Unit
Installing the 10-foot mast
Installing the MSO Sensor Transmitter
Installing the panel temperature sensor
Installing the solar radiation sensor
Connecting sensors to the Interface Module and MicroServer
Connecting to MicroServer to RS-485

Unpacking the Unit

The sensor transmitter comes in a custom shipping container. Be careful when removing the device.
Unpack the MSO weather station and verify that all parts are included.

1. Standard system includes:

• MicroServer in weatherproof enclosure
• MSO Sensor Transmitter with 50 ft sensor cable
• Solar radiation sensor with 50 ft cable
• Panel Temperature with 50 ft cable
• MSO and MicroServer User Manuals
• 10-foot steel mast
• Roof/Ground hardware kit


Inspect all system components for obvious shipping damage (Refer to “Important Notice: Shipping Damage” in case of damage).

NOTE: Save the shipping carton and packing material in case the unit needs to be returned to the factory. 



The MSO transmitter connects to the MicroServer via COM1.

The MicroServer has two RS-232 COM ports and an Ethernet port.

Installing the 10-Foot Sensor Mast

Roof/Ground Mounting

The Roof/Ground Mounting Kit (Cat. No. 88002) is suitable for both roof and ground installation. The figure and table below illustrates and describes the individual parts.


Installing the MSO Sensor Transmitter

Columbia_5.png Columbia_6.png

Use quick mount u-bolts to install on vertical or horizontal mast, pole or pipe.
Tighten nuts, keeping sensor level.

Direction alignment

Install alignment shoulder screw into wind direction vane hub. 

Align sensor so wind direction counterweight is to the South, vane tail is to true North.


Installing the panel temperature sensor

The panel temperature sensor can be attached to the solar panel using a 5-minute epoxy.
Use provided tie wraps to secure the cable to the panel frame.

Installing the solar radiation sensor

The solar radiation sensor can be installed on the mast using the hardware provided to secure to the solar panel frame.


Connecting sensors to the Interface Module and MicroServer

Connecting the MSO sensor transmitter to Interface Module


Connecting sensors to the MicroServer


Connect the solar radiation sensor to Channel 1 

Connect the panel temperature sensor to Channel 2

Connect the air temperature sensor to Channel 3. This sensor is provided only in systems that do not include the MSO sensor transmitter. The MSO sensor transmitter includes an air temperature sensor as part of the module.

The air temperature sensor is installed in the self-aspirating radiation shield.


Connecting to MicroServer to RS-485


The Modbus RTU is setup to 9600 baud rate, even parity with a Modbus address of 51. 

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