MultiTech Setup for MTCBA-G2-EN2-NAM GSM Modems


MultiTech Cellular Activation for MTCBA-G2-EN2 Units

A SIM from your carrier will need to be installed for network access.

GSM Modem Activation Notice

Before you can begin to use the modem, you will need to setup a wireless account.

Follow these steps to setup a wireless account:

  • Contact your wireless provider/partner/reseller to obtain an account and/or a SIM card
  • Provide your activation agent with the following:
    • Billing information and business ID such as your Federal Tax ID or VAT number.
    • The wireless services required. You will need to specify what features you want enabled on each account : voice only, data only or voice and data.
    • Each modems 15 character IMEI number located on the modems label.
    • You may be asked to provide the modems model number. This number allows the carrier to verify this modem as one of its approved models.


Important: If asked for the model number, give the Multi-Tech Systems model number on the modems label, under carrier information. The device may be approved under an embedded module model number. 

Do not give your product or device name and number.

Multi-Tech Product Examples are: MTCBA-G2, MTSMC-H4

Once the SIM card is activated, installed in the modem, and powered, the modem is ready for use.

See product Users Guide for additional installation details.

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