AcquiSuite Firmware Upgrade for Sunlight General

Installing the A8810 Beta Firmware for concurrent USB Data Logging

This article applies to A8810 DAS units packaged with Cactus Technologies 1GB Ind Grade USB Flash Drive (DEV-00-CAC-30E9) for concurrent logging of data on external and internal memory. A8810 that have not been packaged with this USB drive will not benefit from this firmware revision.

Materials Required:

  • A8810 AcquiSuite Embedded (DAS-00-OBV-3073)
  • KU1GRI-100 1GB Ind Grade USB Flash Drive (DEV-00-CAC-30E9)
  • (Attached to this article)
  • Laptop computer (Windows XP, Vista or 7)
  • LAN (Ethernet) access to the A8810


1. Attach the USB Drive to the USB port of the A8810

USB Slot.jpg

2. Download the attached firmware file (

3. Extract the contents of the zip file

4. Use your web browser to connect to the AcquiSuite by entering


Where XXX.XXX.XX.XX is the IP address displayed on the on the AcquiSuite LCD display.

5. When prompted, use the following default login information

Login: admin

Password: deckXXXX

Where XXXX is the last four characters of the A8810 serial number

NOTE: If this information has changed since the device left DECK, please see the local system administrator for access before proceeding

6. Expand the System menu on the left hand side

7. Click “Firmware Version” menu on the left hand side

8. Click “Have Disk” button

9. Click the topmost “Choose File” button

10. Select the “asarm.cramfs” file

11. Click “Open”

12. Click the second “Choose File” button

13. Select the “Manifest.txt” file

14. Click the “Submit” button

WARNING: Do not reload the web page or interrupt the power to the A8810. Doing so may damage the file system in an unrecoverable fashion.

15. Wait for the confirmation screen to appear


16. Reboot the A8810

17. Repeat steps 4 through 16 for the following files:

  • usrarm.cramfs
  • zImage
  • ramdisk.gz

18. Once this cycle is completed the firmware version page should read v02.12.0720b

This A8810 will now perform concurrent logging on the attached USB Drive

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