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Welcome to the new company newsletter from AlsoEnergy and DECK Monitoring!



This newsletter article contains the following features:

    • New Upgrade to Timeline Feature in AlsoEnergy PowerTrack Platform

    • PowerTrack Introduces PVsyst Model Support

    • Answers to FAQs




New Upgrade to Timeline Feature in AlsoEnergy PowerTrack Platform

For AlsoEnergy customers using PowerTrack, your Timeline displays now have an improved view of alerts and production statistics. You can now see more data points in clear tabular format, as shown in the screen grab below.

Users with the optional Operations package will also be able to see costs associated with production and work orders.






PowerTrack Introduces PVsyst Model Support


PowerTrack users can now compare your actual production to the expected production based on design parameters from your PVsyst model, including PV module, inverter, and shading details. With the PV model fully configured, PowerTrack can identify losses due to a variety of causes, and generate accurate performance-based alerts.

Use the new System Model selector on the inverter configuration page to set up your PV module parameters from PVsyst, or contact AlsoEnergy support for assistance.







AlsoEnergy and DECK Monitoring Plans for 2014

Answers to your FAQs

Ever since Also Energy acquired DECK Monitoring last fall, we have been talking to our customers about our newly expanded company. Here are updated answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:


Why did AlsoEnergy acquire DECK Monitoring?

This new development is a natural evolution in both companies’ efforts to bring more value to our monitoring customers. This acquisition allows our newly expanded company to offer more choice and more benefits, while retaining our status as an independent monitoring provider. We have also enhanced our long-term ability to innovate and compete in a crowded marketplace. We are now in a very strong position to continue providing industry-leading monitoring technology over the next decade and beyond.


Will I still have the same contacts at AlsoEnergy and/or DECK Monitoring?

The answer to this question is an emphatic “yes.” You may continue working with your usual contacts on a business-as-usual basis.


Will there be any changes to my software programs?

AlsoEnergy and DECK Monitoring have a strong commitment to both brands and both product lines. Of course we will continue with development for new features and improvements in both product lines (as we have always done). Rest assured, however:  there are no plans to eliminate or condense any existing software features in either product line. Additionally, both companies will continue to provide complete technical support for your existing software packages.


Will there be any changes to other services and policies I should know about? …For example, data reporting and accounting?

We are consolidating accounting activities to the AlsoEnergy team based in Boulder, CO. Customers of both product lines should direct their future accounting activities to AlsoEnergy. Complete details are included in all relevant accounting communications from our team. 

We are consolidating our efforts for other customer services, including data reporting and support. We are trying to avoid or minimalize any changes to your routine as a DECK or AlsoEnergy customer. We 'll keep you well informed any time there may be a change to your customary activities! 


Can I order both companies' software and hardware products from my current account executive?

Yes, our account executives are ready to sell our combined product lines. Let your Account Executive know if you would like more information about products from either product line.


What will be my benefits from working with your combined companies?

Our vision for future development can be summarized as “the best of both.” We have already started work to achieve greater efficiency with combined supply chains and data servers, so our customers can enjoy lower costs, more rapid deployments, and faster page loading in our applications. As we move forward, we will be able to draw upon the combined skill and knowledge of both development teams to guide all future software development. Additionally, we are excited for the opportunity to collect feedback from our newly expanded customer base.


What if I still have questions about this newly combined company?

We encourage all of you to reach out to your familiar contacts with any unanswered questions. 

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