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This newsletter article contains the following features:

    • Introducing PowerTrack Quarterly:  Live Webinar Tutorials for New Software Features

    • New in PowerTrack:  Work Order Feature to Manage Maintenance Tasks  







Learn New Features in Your AlsoEnergy Software with PowerTrack Quarterly

We have heard requests from several customers for education about ongoing new feature development in PowerTrack. We are pleased to announce a new webinar series to address those concerns: PowerTrack Quarterly.

Starting next month, AlsoEnergy will begin hosting quarterly webinar tutorials covering PowerTrack software features! You can learn about new features added to the program over the past 3 months. Additionally, those who register can submit questions about other features in PowerTrack. Our team will select a few topics from this list for discussion during each event.

The first webinar in this series will be scheduled in April. Look for an email later in March with date and time for the event, along with details about how to register for PowerTrack Quarterly.

If you have other requests for new software or support features from AlsoEnergy, please take a few minutes to fill out our 2014 PARTNERS Survey. Thanks as always for choosing AlsoEnergy!




New in PowerTrack:  Work Order Feature Helps you Manage Maintenance Tasks 

The new Work Order Feature is an optional operational element that promotes internal organization of scheduling tasks and assignments.

Customers can use this feature to track items such as what work is being performed, the estimated duration of the project, and the costs for material and labor. This feature will help customers focus in on what each site costs to maintain.

For details about adding the Work Order Feature to your projects, contact your AlsoEnergy Account Executive.


How It Works

[complete instructions are attached to this article as a PDF document.]

The Work Order Feature is found in Operations under the PowerTrack™ Navigator. On this page you will find a tab titled “Maintenance,” which is where the customer can keep track of their O&M tasks.



The Work Order Feature includes 5 specific tools to help you manage all aspects of scheduling and management for site maintenance: 

  1. Work Order


    This feature includes: due time, reminders, and the total amount of money that is being used. 


    Give your Work Order a name, and fill in the remaining fields with details. The “Status” can be used to track the progress of the project. Change the “Dollars” to reflect the accurate currency, or select “Auto Calculate” to use the expenses that are associated with a checklist (labor costs, part costs, expenses, etc).

  2. Notice


    Similar to a ticket; however it cleans itself up. For instance, the customer decides that the site needs to be run at half power until they can get the site fixed. Once the site has been fixed, the notice disappears.


  3. Scheduled Maintenance


    Similar to a Support Ticket where people can assign a task that is cycle-based and deem it as scheduled maintenance as opposed to a support function. This item has the ability to reschedule itself.


  4. Event


    The history of the event can be tracked and categorized with detailed explanations as to what the status is. 


  5. Production Impact


    The goal of this feature is to track the progress of an alert that occurred on the site and see how well the system is reporting if the production is not consistent. 



Another option to create the Production Impact is to go to the site alert (Production), enable the chart to show “Events.” Once the alert comes up, it can be viewed and you will be able to “log impact in maintenance history.”


The event can be seen in live view to see when the alerts are occurring, which would appear alongside of the impact. The idea is that people can start reporting the causes of what is impacting the system’s production.


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