April 2014 PV Newsletter




This newsletter contains the following features:

    • Committed Phone Access for On-site Workers

    • Plan Ahead for Custom Software Configurations

    • Coming Soon:  AlsoEnergy Premium Support Plan

    • Best Things in Life are Free:  Single Line Diagrams

    • Get by with a Little (On-site) Help from Your Friends 






NEW:  Committed Phone Access for On-site Workers

Here at AlsoEnergy, we aim to provide the most responsive phone support in the industry. We strive to pick up every incoming support call… unfortunately, however, call volume does occasionally exceed our staff capacity to pick up.

We know that your time is particularly precious when you are on the road for a site visit… either for installation or maintenance. These are the times when quick access to phone support is most important. If you can’t immediately reach a support technician, you can now designate “on site” status by phone to ensure prioritized callback service.  Your call will be returned as soon as one of our support techs becomes available.

This service is designed for workers on site who are installing a monitoring system or providing service and maintenance. We aim to help you resolve issues on the same day, so you don’t have to make an unscheduled return to the site. We care about your bottom line!




Plan Ahead for Custom Software Configurations

Did you know that AlsoEnergy monitoring software can be customized to provide added benefits to customers, such as custom lobby displays and highly detailed performance models? When used to their full potential, these custom options go even further to help customers manage sites and maximize return on their PV investments.

Set-up and maintenance for these optional features involves additional fees, charged on an hourly basis. This article provides a clear list of your customizable system options.

If you would like one or more custom options for your upcoming projects, we recommend that you plan ahead by including fees for optional features in the initial project cost. This ensures that you will not have to wait for custom development while a subsequent payment is being processed. Consult with your Account Executive for details.


Custom Software Options are divided into 2 groups:  Premier Services and Concierge Services.

Examples of Premier Services include:

  • Validate hardware settings
    • Module azimuth / tilt
    • Pyranometer azimuth tilt
    • Temperature sensor
    • Inverter / meter association
  • Enter PVsyst model
    • PV module characteristics (electrical, incidence angle modifier)
    • Inverter efficiency function
    • Additional system characteristics (number of modules, aging coefficient, derate, operating voltages, etc.)
    • Shading model (optional)
  • Enter Customer Defined Performance Estimates
    • Inverter production (kWh/Month)
    • TMY insolation (kWh/m^2/month)
  • Configure standard reports
    • Performance vs. estimate
    • Insolation vs. estimate
    • Performance vs. expected
    • Performance index
    • Losses
  • Customized Lobby Displays


Optional Concierge Services require input from our engineering team. Examples of Concierge Services include:

  • Configure Custom Alerts
    • Device communication
    • Device faults
    • Performance limit
    • Site level alerts
    • Portfolio level alerts
  • Establish baseline settings for best case operation (requires that all inverters, meters, weather stations are running normally, clean modules, sunny conditions)
    • Fine-tune pyranometer azimuth/tilt
    • Fine-tune PV module azimuth / tilt
    • Calculate derate factor
    • Validate PV model against data
  • Human analysis and quarterly Executive summary report
  • Any request unrelated to our equipment failing/not communicating


If you would like more information about Custom Software Options, contact your Account Executive.




Now Available:  AlsoEnergy Custom Service Plans


AlsoEnergy is now offering customized service plans for customers with regular and predictable service needs. These needs may include calculating system baseline settings, entering financial or performance models, configuration and delivery of custom reports, verification of hardware settings, and more. 

Consult the list of services available in the article above ("Plan Ahead for Custom Software Configurations"). If you have one or more projects with regular needs from this list, we can build a service plan for you to cover your needs. These service plans involve an added annual charge for all sites you wish to include.

Contact your Account Executive for more details!




Best Things in Life are Free:  Single Line Diagrams



When you buy an AlsoEnergy monitoring solution with hardware, you always receive a Single Line Diagram to assist with installation. Each Single Line Diagram is customized to the specific monitoring hardware for your site, including data loggers, inverters, and meters. We think SLDs are a basic necessity… that’s why this standard service is always free from AlsoEnergy!

If you are working with a monitoring provider who does not offer free SLDs, this is just one more reason to switch to AlsoEnergy!




Get by with a Little (On-site) Help from Your Friends

You may choose to have an expert AlsoEnergy support technician come to your project location to provide oversight and support for your monitoring installation (or subsequent service and maintenance needs). Your AlsoEnergy advisor will be able to provide advice, instructions and expertise to help troubleshoot potential issues with Modbus wiring, data loggers, and internet connectivity. This service will help you avoid common errors and keep your installation on time and within budget. This service is also a great opportunity for less experienced installers to receive expert training for monitoring installation.

Lead time is subject to demand… and travel must be booked one week in advance. So book early! For more information about on-site technical support, including rate information, contact your AlsoEnergy Account Executive.

Please note:  an AlsoEnergy support technician is not a replacement for a professional installer... you must contract with a licensed and competent electrician for every installation!


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