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Since DECK Monitoring was acquired by AlsoEnergy in October 2013, our companies have been combining knowledge to provide you with a clear choice in the solar marketplace:  AlsoEnergy, a monitoring partner who is strong, experienced, and reliable. We have strengthened our position as the company you can rely on for:

  • Effective, professional customer service
  • Knowledge and experience with a broad spectrum of PV project needs
  • Continued commitment to support a wide range of third party hardware devices
  • Ongoing software development and thought leadership to establish best practices for O&M and performance evaluation in PV systems
  • Continued flexibility to combine our software programs with independent solutions for data transmission and storage

In this newsletter we will discuss our progress, and our plans for the future. We will revisit some of the early customer concerns surrounding this partnership, and we will answer some new questions we are hearing from our partners and clients. This is our report to you on what we promised, what we’ve done, and what we’re planning to do.



When we announced the acquisition last year, we made some promises to our customers. Here is a report on our progress:

  1. We have strengthened our position to continue providing independent monitoring solutions for the next decade and beyond.

    With the acquisition of DECK Monitoring, AlsoEnergy has become the undisputed top selling independent PV monitoring provider in North America. The strength of the new company means that you will continue to have access to an independent monitoring provider who works with a wide range of third party hardware devices. We are a debt-free company that continues to grow and profit. There is no more reliable partner available for your long-term monitoring needs.

  2. We will continue to support and develop both software products:  PowerTrack and DECK Monitoring.

    AlsoEnergy continues to support both PowerTrack and DECK Monitoring. We are proud to offer 2 industry-leading software solutions to meet the full spectrum of needs in the PV monitoring marketplace.

    We also continue to develop and improve both software products. Q1 2014 saw 3 important new features introduced to the PowerTrack platform:  ugrades to the timeline feature, PV syst model support, and the extensive Work Order feature suite. The first quarter this year also saw the introduction of fleet management tables in the DECK Monitoring software platform, along with a faster, more robust database.

  3. You can continue to work with the personnel you know.

    We have retained the Account Executives and other key personnel that you are used to working with. We recognize the importance of customer relationships in this industry, and we fully intend to continue making all our customers feel at home with AlsoEnergy.

  4. We are combining strengths to provide customers with more choices and more access to expert support and services.

    AlsoEnergy customers today enjoy more choice, and greater access to expert services, than at any time before the acquisition.

    To begin with the obvious, AlsoEnergy stands alone in the monitoring field with 2 industry-leading software products to meet the specific needs of every project in your portfolio.

    We have also worked together to expand hardware compatibility for both software lines. AlsoEnergy and DECK Monitoring have always been leaders in compatibility with a wide range of hardware devices… today, as a combined company, we offer our customers even more flexibility to choose the system hardware they prefer.

    Our expanded team offers customers greater expertise in system planning, and we have the ability to pool a larger group of experts for matters of troubleshooting and other support issues. We also have an expanded team of experienced support technicians who travel to customer project sites for installation support and other needs.

    Additionally, we are expanding our flexibility to accommodate third party data storage solutions to offer database independent monitoring options. This enables customers to get the value of AlsoEnergy software features for the widest possible range of project specifications.

  5. We anticipate more efficient operations for our customers.

    As we head into summer this year, we are putting finishing touches on our newly combined process to deploy monitoring systems for historical customers of both companies. We will make good use of this streamlined deployment process as we are seeing a steady increase in sales this year! Thanks to all our customers who have worked with us during this period as we have merged operations and created the new deployment process.



Today AlsoEnergy can promise our customers a continued focus on the goals that have characterized both our companies in the past:

  • We will continue to support and develop both our software products:  PowerTrack and DECK Monitoring.
  • We will continue to serve all types of PV projects, from residential and small commercial to multi-MW and utility.
  • We will continue to be the most flexible and versatile monitoring provider, offering our customers more choices for hardware compatibility, data transmission, and data storage.
  • We will continue to develop new services and software features to meet the evolving needs of the PV monitoring market.

In a broader sense, the acquisition of DECK Monitoring by AlsoEnergy enhances our company’s ability to deliver industry-leading products and services. We are well positioned to serve -- and help shape -- the solar power market for the next decade and beyond.

Several factors today are contributing to an increasingly detailed assessment of the proper place and function for monitoring technology. As investors and system owners turn their attention to long-term returns on larger projects, more attention is being paid to O&M planning and execution. We see monitoring technology playing a vital role in the effort to safeguard production over the lifetime of a solar power system.

As project partners turn more attention to O&M, AlsoEnergy can help. We have experience deploying monitoring for PV systems of every size and description, from residential to multi-MW. No other independent monitoring provider has experience with so many different hardware devices and system configurations. Along the way, we have worked with a wide range of industry professionals, including installers, developers, investors, hardware manufacturers, EPC and O&M contractors. We learn from every conversation we have with our customers, and that knowledge helps us improve our products and services for all our clients.

It is our goal to help our customers -- and the industry at large -- achieve greater clarity and consensus on best practices to measure and maintain PV system performance. We intend to strengthen our position of thought leadership in the solar industry as we continue to refine and improve our software products and our monitoring services.


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