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In This Newsletter:

  • Expanded SCADA Options from AlsoEnergy

  • DECK Monitoring now Runs on PowerTrack Integrated Database




Satisfy your utility requirements and

get all the benefits of our comprehensive software

for PV performance monitoring and portfolio management.


No major solar power investment should go without the benefits of a PV monitoring system from AlsoEnergy. Our monitoring solutions provide critical performance insights, along with tools for workflow and portfolio management, saving time and money over the life of the system.

Now AlsoEnergy offers an expanded range of options so you can get AlsoEnergy monitoring along with all the SCADA control features required for your project.


AlsoEnergy can accommodate a wide range of control needs, ranging from on/off control to a suite of control factors including Power Curtailment, Power Ramping, and Power Factor Correction.

Plan your SCADA + Monitoring solution using one of the following general configurations:

  • SCADA + Monitoring from AlsoEnergy (with or without On-site Historian)


  • AlsoEnergy Monitoring Integrated with Third Party and Utility SCADA Interfaces


  • AlsoEnergy Monitoring Integrated with Utility SCADA Interface and Control


We are committed to provide solutions that meet the needs of our utility customers. AlsoEnergy can integrate with third party software and databases, including OSI PI and SalesForce. We are also actively pursuing NERC CIP compliance. Communications between sites and utility SCADA systems, regulatory agencies, and other bodies often needs to be secured. AlsoEnergy has deployed solutions that secure these critical links over standard copper Ethernet, cellular, and radio links.




DECK Monitoring Now Runs on PowerTrack Integrated Database

We Deliver on our Promise of an Integrated Database for Both Software Products


When DECK Monitoring was acquired by AlsoEnergy one year ago, we promised an integrated data solution for both software products, PowerTrack and DECK Monitoring. That day is here:  we are announcing that DECK Monitoring software now runs on a PowerTrack-integrated database!

DECK Monitoring on the integrated database includes all the same features as DECK software on the historic database. DECK software on the new database will function exactly as historical DECK users have come to expect.

This will provide advantages for all AlsoEnergy customers. First, everyone gets the benefits of a streamlined model for system planning and support, so you will enjoy shorter wait times for system deployments and for resolution of many support issues. For historical DECK customers, this change will better protect your investment with our most robust and resilient database solution.

Above all else, this development makes it possible for users with either software product to gain the benefits of the other platform, giving our customers “the best of both.” PowerTrack customers will have the option to add DECK Monitoring dashboard displays, or to employ the user-friendly data download tools in the DECK platform. DECK Monitoring users will be able to generate performance models and advanced reports using PowerTrack tools. Users can also choose to include systems from both platforms in unified portfolio overview displays in either software program.

Users who wish to take advantage of these cross-platform options will be able to tailor a specific feature package to suit their needs. There will be a charge of $250 for most cross-platform implementations to cover engineering set-up time.




For current DECK Monitoring software users, here is what you need to know:

  • New purchases of DECK Monitoring software will utilize the integrated database.
  • Historical DECK Monitoring systems will be transferred to the new database over the next few months.
  • Active users for current DECK Monitoring systems do not need to take any action; we aim to provide a seamless transition experience for customers as we transfer historical DECK systems to the new database. There will be no downtime during production hours and no loss of historical data.

Please reach out to your AlsoEnergy Account Executive if you would like more information about DECK Monitoring on the PowerTrack integrated database.




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