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Introducing a New Family of PV Performance Analytics from DECK Monitoring




DECK Monitoring proudly introduces the latest new feature to our software solution:  Relative Performance Analytics.

Relative Performance Analytics (RPA) is ideal for larger PV systems with granular generation data. That includes systems with string inverters or multiple central inverters, as well as systems with sub-array or string level sensors on the DC side of the array. Relative Performance Analytics can be applied any time you have identical data types from two or more separate devices in one system.

RPA represents a shift in the traditional approach to PV system diagnostics. This ‘smart software’ surveys historical system data to map the deltas among reporting values for separate data points (or relative performance). It actually learns the relative performance patterns of the entire system, so users can identify a change in performance of a single (or group of) components relative to the others. System managers will be able identify outlier data points and detect changing performance patterns with less data "noise" due to changing irradiance conditions, resulting in fewer nuisance alarms for you.

 “We developed Relative Performance Analytics as a direct response to requests from some of our most active software users” says company Principal Cosmos Corbin. “Users need actionable information from the monitoring system with a low time investment in configuration. When using monitoring systems we spend a great deal of time looking for a change in equipment performance on site. This tool simplifies that process.”

You can find Relative Performance Analytics in the Alarms section for each of your monitored systems. For detailed instructions about using the Relative Performance tool, check out our online Relative Performance Analytics User Manual.




The Clear Choice for Large String Inverter Projects




Introducing New Pricing and New Tools for Your String Inverter Job

DECK Monitoring has developed a simple new pricing plan for string inverter jobs: you pay standard per inverter charges up to 10 string inverters, then add all additional inverters in your project for free!  This new plan offers a highly cost-effective way to add the value of DECK performance analytics to your large string inverter projects.

DECK has also developed a new family of analytic tools to measure performance across large string inverter systems: Relative Performance Analytics surveys your historical system data to map the relative performance of each string inverter in your array (see article above).

There has never been a better time to consider commercial-grade DECK Monitoring for your large string inverter projects. For more information, contact your DECK Account Executive, or reach our sales team at 503.224.5546.




DECK is #1 Choice Independent US Commercial Monitoring Company for 2nd Year in a Row




It's official:  for the second year in a row, more commercial solar integrators and installers chose DECK Monitoring than any other independent monitoring company in North America. Thanks again to all of our customers for choosing DECK!!

According to the most recent industry survey from GreenTech Media Research, DECK Monitoring led all independent monitoring providers in North America for new systems added in 2012 in both the "small" and "large" commercial market segments. The full report is available for purchase on the GreenTech Media website:

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