New Product: DECK Residential


•  Our Lowest Price Ever

•  Installs in as Little as One Hour

•  Comes with Cellular Modem and Data Plan (No IT Hassles for You!)

The DECK solar monitoring solution is now available at a competitive price point for residential projects! 

With DECK Residential you get the key benefits of the DECK monitoring solution with just one device:  the I-210+c socket meter from GE. This meter includes a cellular modem, so the installer won’t have to deal with communications wiring and IT connections. The DECK Residential package also comes with a 5-year data plan from Verizon, so you can truly have a “plug and play” experience with your installation and deployment.




DECK Residential comes with a 5-year software service plan that provides the same key benefits as our standard monitoring packages:

  • Your own terrific looking public Dashboard display
  • Portfolio management tools in the Integrator Admin Panel
  • DECK’s industry-leading customer service

For those who wish for enhanced analytic powers to evaluate system performance, you may choose our optional feature SolarAnywhere SystemCheck. This feature provides satellite-based irradiance data localized to your project site. Plug in a few specs for your system, and SolarAnywhere SystemCheck provides a predictive power calculator to generate performance baselines that are adjusted for your local irradiance values.


Call your DECK Account Executive today for a quote...

or call our office line and choose extension 1 for sales (503-224-5546). 

Would you also like more information about our Commercial Light socket meter solution? Click Here!




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