August Newsletter

One thing that has always differentiated DECK Monitoring from other companies is our level of commitment to our customer base.  We are your monitoring partner, and in our mission to continue to support you in the best and most efficient way, we have revamped our Support Desk, as well as gone through efforts to make our Knowledgebase more effective and easier to navigate.

Within our Support Desk you will find access to our most up to date documentation concerning DECK hardware, software, warranty, and policy.  Active customers of DECK Monitoring will also find the added benefit of being able to directly send a troubleshooting ticket request to our support team from the Support Desk.  

Above is a screenshot of the home screen of our Support Desk / Knowledgebase.  The orange headings are top level categories with a list of blue articles beneath each category.  Note the grey number after each orange heading: this number denotes how many articles are within that top level category.  For instance, "DECK Documentation" lists three documents underneath it - however the grey number next to heading reads "6.”  Clicking on the top level category will open that category and let you see the complete list of all 6 articles within that top level category.

DECK Application: Reporting Center Update

In response to popular demand, DECK Monitoring has developed a new type of report that users may generate within the Reporting Center in the Admin Panel. Users may choose to generate the new type of report, or continue to generate reports in the original style. The new type of report includes several features that are not available in the original report generating tool:

• immediate access to generated reports
• ability to generate reports in .csv (spreadsheet) fi�le format
• ability to customize reports within the Reporting Center tool

All current DECK Customers will be able to use the new Reporting Center features.
For a full description of the new reporting center please go here.


New GTM Research Report: DECK is Number 1! 

GTM Research has named DECK Monitoring as the clear leader in the number of Commercial and Utility solar installations monitored across North America. The report, entitled "Global PV Monitoring: Technologies, Markets and Leading Players, 2012-2016," looks at all monitoring solutions globally and segments them by Geography, Target Market, Size and Number of Installations.

For the full release, go here.

DECK Project Showcase: Building Energy Project


This months call out project is the Vestas / Gerding Edlen Building.  Based right here in our back yard of Portland, OR - The "Meier & Frank Depot Building" vacant since 2001, was recently redeveloped by Gerding and Edlen and is now home to Vestas' North American sales and service headquarters as well as Gerding Edlen.  It was originally built in 1927 and designed by Portland architectural firm Sutton & Whitney, the buiding intended to remove the shipping and receving operations from the rapidly growing Meier & Frank downtown store.

As what is known as the "Pearl District" has been transformed over the years, this building has been waiting for a new life in the fabric of downtown Portland.  Designed to achieve LEED Platinum Certification, it has been transformed into one of Portland's most environmentally friendly and original buildings - it is estiamted to operate 68% more efficeintly than a similar building and will use 80% less potable water.  It is also listed on the Nation Register of Historic Places.  Dive deeper into the Gerding Edlen Project here.

Our next appearance will be at SPI in sunny Orlando, FL September 10th through the 13th.  Don't be a stranger, we will be at booth number 3756.

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