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It Came From Outer Space: Satellite Irradiance Data for Performance Benchmarking

DECK Monitoring Now Offers Affordable, Accurate Satellite Irradiance Data Along With Predictive Modeling


DECK Monitoring, the 2011 North American leader in PV sites monitored for commercial and utility market segments (Greentech Media Research), announces a new product offering in their suite of PV monitoring solutions. The new product, “SolarAnywhere SystemCheck,” gives users access to site-specific satellite irradiance data provided by Clean Power Research, pioneers in solar estimation technology. 

Our new product combines SolarAnywhere irradiance data with simulation technologies to provide the industry’s most detailed predicted power calculator. SystemCheck accounts for make and model of system hardware (such as panels and inverters) along with panel tilt, azimuth angle, and panel tracking motion. The end result is a highly accurate performance baseline that is automatically generated within the DECK Admin Panel web page for easy charting of your actual generation against modeled performance.

You can easily compare irradiance to power. You can easily compare modeled generation to actual generation. There is no better way to benchmark your system performance.

SolarAnywhere irradiance data is calculated from NOAA GOES satellite imagery using an exclusive image processing method developed by Dr. Richard Perez at SUNY Albany. The accuracy of the data can show slight variations based on environmental factors, but the standard errors for typical sites are around 5%, 10% and 15% for Ground Horizontal Irradiance, Direct Normal Irradiance, and Diffused Irrandiance respectively. Data is provided with hourly granularity, and resolution up to one kilometer square.


As a current DECK user, you can actually place an order for SolarAnywhere SystemCheck directly from your existing Admin Panel! Look for "Extensions" near the right end of your site navigation row:


Click here to access complete instructions for online purchase.


More extensive information on SolarAnywhere satellite irradiance data can be found here:






Introducing the Gold Standard in Residential PV Monitoring

Now you can get all the benefits of the DECK Monitoring platform at an affordable price point in the residential market.


The new DECK Residential Box is a complete turn-key solution for home PV monitoring. You get:

  • All the necessary hardware for basic PV monitoring
  • Hardware is mounted and pre-wired in a NEMA-rated enclosure
  • 5-year monitoring software contract

Here are the specs for the technical crowd:
  • Elkor WattsOn Universal Transducer: revenue-�grade data meter (accurate to 0.5% or better)
  • Elkor ETNet gateway device (prepares data� for web transmission)
  • Comes with solid core MCTA
  • 90−264V AC power supply included
  • Circuit breakers & standard terminal blocks� included
  • 8.5” (W) x 10.5” (H) x 7.75” (D)
  • Accommodates single- or split-phase applications:
Model One:
    • 120V AC — 0 to 50A with neutral� 
    • 208V AC — 0 to 50A with neutral� 
    • 240V AC — 0 to 50A with neutral
Model Two:
    • 120V AC — 0 to 100A with neutral
    • 208V AC — 0 to 100A with neutral�

    • 240V AC — 0 to 100A with neutral
For more information please contact your DECK account executive, or call 503-224-5546 and choose the extension for "sales."
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