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  • DECK Check Sync Automatically Loads Reporting Data into Your Working Excel Spreadsheets

  • DECK Acquired by AlsoEnergy: Answers to Your FAQ's


Excel Spreadsheet Users:  Save Time with DECK Check Sync!

DECK Check Sync provides a direct link between Microsoft Excel and the DECK Monitoring API. This time-saving shortcut allows you to automatically populate current reporting data from monitored systems into your own working Excel spreadsheet.

Talking to our customers has confirmed that many active users are more interested in running their own Excel Macros (rather than using pre-set analytics from a monitoring company). DECK Check Sync now makes it easier to do just that.

Customers using DECK Check Sync will receive an Excel spreadsheet from DECK that is enabled with a personalized link to our API. Choose systems, devices, and data points from your full portfolio using easy drop-down menus. Current data will automatically populate to your spreadsheet... then apply your own macros and formulas.

DECK Check Sync is a FREE service from DECK Monitoring. To get more information, or to request DECK Check Sync, contact your DECK Account Executive... or call 503.224.5546 and select "1" for sales.




We Answer Your Questions About the New DECK Partnership with AlsoEnergy

Most of you have already heard the good news for DECK customers:  as we announced 3 weeks ago at SPI, DECK Monitoring has been acquired by AlsoEnergy. Our companies are now working together to offer an expanded range of choices and benefits in the solar monitoring marketplace.

For the past two weeks, we have been talking to our customers and answering many questions regarding the recent acquisition of DECK Monitoring by AlsoEnergy. Here are answers to some of your most frequently asked questions:


First things first:  why did this happen?

Ever since DECK Monitoring was founded in 2008, we have been continually working to provide more and more value to our customers, both in our product line and our service offerings. As the solar power marketplace in North America has grown, we have responded with an expanding range of targeted monitoring solutions for a wide variety of customer needs.

This new development is a natural evolution in our efforts to bring more value to our monitoring customers. The AlsoEnergy acquisition allows us to offer more choice and more benefits, while retaining our status as an independent monitoring provider. We have also enhanced our long-term ability to innovate and compete in a crowded marketplace. Our newly combined company is now in a very strong position to continue providing industry-leading monitoring technology over the next decade and beyond.


Can I continue to work with same DECK sales and support personnel?

The answer to this question is an emphatic “yes.” You may continue working with your usual DECK contacts on a business-as-usual basis. Both companies will continue to operate as independent business entities. There are no plans, short- or long-term, to consolidate personnel.


Will there be any changes to my DECK software programs?

No, you do not need to worry that your monitoring software will change. You will be able to continue working with the same tools you currently know and trust. Additionally, both companies will continue to provide complete technical support for your existing software packages.

AlsoEnergy and DECK Monitoring have entered into this partnership with a strong commitment to both brands and both product lines. Of course we will continue with development for new features and improvements in both product lines (as we have always done). Rest assured, however:  there are no plans to eliminate or condense any existing software features in either product line.


Will there be any changes to other DECK services and policies I should know about? …For example, data reporting and accounting?

There will be no immediate changes or interruptions to any contracted DECK services. There will be no immediate changes to your accounting contacts and policies. DECK customers do not need to do anything in response to this change in company ownership.


Can I order AlsoEnergy products through my DECK Monitoring account?

For the short term we are asking that customers continue to order DECK products through their DECK Account Executive, and AlsoEnergy products through their AlsoEnergy contacts.

But it is also true that you will soon have expanded choices as you plan your monitoring systems. We are working now on plans to offer our combined selection of hardware devices to all customers of both product lines. You will be able to choose from an expanded catalog of devices, with a greater range of price points.

Over time we also intend to expand the range of software features available to customers of both product lines.


OK, give me the pitch:  what will be my benefits from working with your combined companies?

Our vision for future development can be summarized as “the best of both.” We have already started work to achieve greater efficiency with combined supply chains and data servers, so our customers can enjoy more rapid deployments and faster page loading in our applications. For the next few months we will be focused on identifying best practices from our respective business models to provide an even better customer experience for monitoring clients.  

Starting next year we will be surveying both software programs with the goal of incorporating the best aspects of each platform into both applications. As we move forward, we will be able to draw upon the combined skill and knowledge of both development teams to guide all future software development. Additionally, we are excited for the opportunity to solicit feedback and guidance from our newly combined customer base… many of the most popular features in the DECK software platform have been directly inspired by requests from our clients.


What if I still have questions about this newly combined company?

We encourage all of you to reach out to your familiar DECK contacts with any unanswered questions. You may also request a high-level phone conference with our company President Cosmos Corbin. Please contact your DECK Account Executive to request more information.  

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