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This Month: Tiger Teams at DECK and our New Look Admin Panel

Our New "Tiger Teams" Provide Better Service, Shorter Lead Times

As DECK Monitoring grows, we continue to seek out more efficient internal processes to serve our customers’ needs. Our latest innovation: we have organized our staff into “Tiger Teams” to ensure fast, unbroken attention to every customer order.

Tiger Teams bring together individuals from all DECK customer service departments: Sales, Support, Engineering and Logistics. Each team is exclusively devoted to their own customer orders, which they oversee from system design through ordering, deployment, and any subsequent service calls. This minimizes the possibility for delays as orders pass from one department to another.

Early results indicate that our Tiger Team system can reduce lead times by anywhere from a few days to two weeks. Now your DECK lead times will be even shorter!

Our new Tiger Team structure provides other customer benefits as well. Each system order is reviewed by your team in weekly meetings. This means that more eyes are on more orders more often, helping our team identify special needs and avoid errors. Tiger Teams also extend project ownership from your account executive through every DECK department. Now your service calls to DECK will go the appropriate member of your Tiger Team whenever possible, so you will spend less time ‘bringing us up to speed’ when you call with a question or a problem.

We invite you to meet your DECK Tiger Team! If you would like to know the DECK personnel working on your orders, contact your Account Executive to ask for a Tiger Team introduction. We look forward to providing even better service to you in 2013... Happy New Year!


Introducing the New Look Admin Panel



Log in to your Admin Panel to see the sleek new look from DECK Monitoring!

We have redesigned the top row navigation for our Admin Panel into one neat and tidy banner. Navigation links that used to be stacked at the top of your page are now found in drop-down menus. This leaves more room for your important system information near the top of each page, reducing the need to scroll down in order to see all your reports, statistics, and graphs. 

Here at DECK we maintain an extensive staff of full-time software developers as we continually work to make our application more powerful, attractive, and user-friendly. This is just one small step in our ongoing efforts to fulfill the DECK company mission: we pledge to relentlessly innovate our product and our service to better meet our customers’ needs!

Take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the many useful tools found in your Admin Panel interface:

  • See your entire portfolio of monitored systems at a glance on our mapped landing page
  • Set up your customizable performance alarms to send email notifications to designated team members
  • Powerful analytics suite provides easy-to-understand insights into system performance
  • Generate system performance reports quickly and easily
  • Check out the "Solar Statistics" view for a quick look at portfolio-wide performance data
Would you like to have a virtual tour of the DECK Admin Panel tools? Contact your DECK Account Executive to schedule a half-hour webinar.

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