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Here is a standard feature of the DECK Monitoring solution that you can use to boost your project sales: you can build your own Portfolio Dashboard with added benefits for your clients... and for your own company.

What is a Portfolio Dashboard?

The Portfolio Dashboard is designed to provide a public-facing display for users with multiple projects monitored by DECK. You can choose to display all monitored projects in a Portfolio Dashboard, or you can select only those projects that you wish to share.

As in your private Admin Panel, all projects will appear as pins on an interactive map graphic. Clicking on any pin opens the specific DECK Dashboard for that site.

Like our standard Dashboards, the Portfolio Dashboard offers free opportunities for your customizations:

  1. Place a logo image in the Portfolio Dashboard page header
  2. Upload your own image file as a background for your Portfolio Dashboard

You can deploy your own Portfolio Dashboard using the Display Management settings in your Admin Panel:



Benefits for Your Clients

A Portfolio Dashboard is a real value-add for any clients with fleet deployments or multiple sites. You can offer these clients a specific Dashboard for each individual facility, plus a Portfolio Dashboard to promote the group of installations as a whole.


Benefits for Your Company

You can also choose to create a Portfolio Dashboard for the sole purpose of promoting your own company to prospective clients. Any prospect asking for references or examples of your work could refer to a Portfolio Dashboard with your company branding. Users could pull up specific Dashboards for any individual project on the portfolio map. It’s truly a digital portfolio of your work!



Great Performance Results for New DECK Tiger Teams

DECK has just completed our first full internal review for our new Tiger Team system. We are pleased to announce very positive results!

As we described in our January newsletter, Tiger Teams bring together individuals from all DECK customer service departments: Sales, Support, Engineering and Logistics. Each team is exclusively devoted to their own customer orders, which they oversee from system design through ordering, deployment, and any subsequent service calls.

Our assessment results show dramatic improvements in many key performance indicators:


  1. Customer Lead Times Cut in Half:
    Just last November our company was quoting lead times between 2 and 8 weeks to order, configure, and ship a monitoring system. We found that we could avoid many common delays with more cohesive efforts around customer communication. Today we quote lead times between 1 and 4 weeks, a 50% improvement under the Tiger Team model!
  2. Shipping Capacity Enhanced by a Factor of 4:
    Our streamlined internal processes have increased our capacity for processing and shipping orders. During each week of December last year, DECK shipped as many packages (or more) as we did during the entire previous month of November!
  3. 40% Decrease in Number of Support Tickets:
    Our well-organized support team starts a new “ticket” for each unique customer issue they address, including orders, returns, support calls, etc. Since DECK has adopted the Tiger Team model, our support ticket volume has gone down by 40%! Our focus on cohesive customer communications has led to smoother installations and fewer support calls.
  4. Support Efficiency: Two-Thirds of all Tickets Resolved After 1 Call:
    Our Tiger Team model tries to ensure that customers with support needs speak to the same support technician for all calls related to the same job. This increases our ability to diagnose and resolve your issues with as few phone calls as possible. We are currently resolving two-thirds of all service tickets in the very first customer call!



Join our Beta Program for First Looks at DECK Software Upgrades!

Are you a DECK customer who likes to stay updated on the most recent new features and upgrades to our software? Do you visit your Admin Panel at least once a month?

DECK is looking for a few active users to participate in our Beta Program. Members of the Beta Program will be given access to new software features and updates several weeks before they are released to the public. 

As a member of the Beta Program, you will be asked to give us feedback on new features while these software updates are still in our internal testing process. Your feedback will help us fine-tune these new features, and troubleshoot any issues that detract from the user experience.

DECK Monitoring was founded by solar integrators, and our company is still led by former integrators. It has been our mission to provide monitoring products that better serve the needs of integrators and installers, and we know that we must listen to your feedback in order to be successful. We are grateful to all our active users who provide advice (and even constructive criticism!) as we continue to innovate and improve our product.

If you are an active DECK user with interest in our new features and updates, please contact our development team to get more information about joining the Beta Program. Send an email to, and we will get in touch with you.

Many thanks from DECK Monitoring!

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