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DECK Monitoring Co-Founder David Parker Named Company President

One of the visionary minds behind the creation of DECK Monitoring has returned to active leadership: David Parker has been named President of the company.

David is a member of the company ownership group, and has 30 years of solar experience as an integrator across the spectrum of solar thermal, residential PV, and commercial PV. In California and Oregon he installed over 5MW of commercial and residential solar thermal projects. He has served as President of the Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association (OSEIA) and was instrumental in creating the Net Metering law in Oregon in 2000. 

David built the largest commercial PV integrator in the NW, which has installed over 10MW of commercial and residential PV to date. Here he saw the opportunity for a simpler, better, less costly monitoring solution than the ones he had been using. Thus, the truth behind the DECK tagline – Built by Solar Integrators for Solar Integrators.

“As President of DECK Monitoring I intend to continue our company commitment to providing the best customer service in the solar monitoring field,” says David. “Additionally, we plan to broaden our product and service offerings to provide competitively priced solutions for more solar projects. You can expect exciting things from DECK Monitoring in 2013.”



Integrators and Installers: Don’t Leave Money on the Table... Turn Your Solar Energy Project into an Integrated Building Energy Project!


Sure, DECK can provide complete monitoring solutions for your renewable energy projects. But did you know that DECK also specializes in data visualization and management for consumption of electricity, gas, water and more? You can easily upgrade the monitoring component of your solar project to include hardware and installation for a complete facility energy monitoring package. Net metering of building electric load provides valuable information for your customers, and it shows how much of the total facility power is being provided by the PV array at any given moment. Best of all, DECK can help you make the sale.

As the “Green Building” movement gains momentum, we are seeing more and more clients who want to integrate energy usage data and other efficiency features into their solar monitoring dashboards. These integrated building energy dashboards are great for Green PR, and they are also an effective tool to shape energy usage behaviors. Some of our clients use competitions and other incentives to promote energy conservation using our dashboard data.

We have deployed dozens of integrated dashboards featuring many diverse data points and features:

  • Consumption of electricity, gas, water and steam
  • Geothermal systems
  • Rainwater collection and usage
  • On/off status for lighting and other hardware devices
  • BACnet integration with building BAS
  • Extra dashboard features such as interactive facility maps
  • LEED status score cards

In most cases, the additional installation requirements for an integrated building energy dashboard involve the same metering and gateway hardware as our solar monitoring solution, meaning you will not need to hire additional subcontractors to complete the job.

Show your clients the benefits of an integrated building energy dashboard system! Check out these attractive examples of integrated dashboards, and share them with your clients:

We can provide additional assistance and resources to help you sell an integrated dashboard project! Please contact a DECK Account Executive if you would like more information: 503-224-5546.

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