March 2013 Schools newsletter


See New Ideas for Dashboard Customizations! This Month: UNC School of Dentistry


DECK Monitoring understands the value of customizable energy dashboards for our school and university clients. That’s why we provide a full spectrum of customization options for your dashboard displays:

  • Basic Dashboard -- Even if you choose not to customize, you’ll still get the great-looking standard dashboard layouts with your school and/or hall name on the masthead.
  • Standard Customizations -- All these customization options are available free of charge with every DECK Monitoring solution: place your logo, mascot, or crest on every page; change page colors to match school colors; place your own photos; place your own copy; and choose from a range of equivalency value options.
  • Fully Customized – We have deployed unusual dashboard features such as interactive campus maps, LEED certification score cards, and reporting data feeds for systems as diverse as geothermal fields and use of collected rainwater. We will work with you to create and deploy the dashboards of your dreams.

From time to time we like to highlight a client dashboard as an example for other customers who are considering customization options. This month’s newsletter is touting an extensive fully customized dashboard from the School of Dentistry at the University of North Carolina.

The Koury Oral Health Sciences Building dashboard features live data feeds for facility consumption of electricity and water. In addition, school officials wanted to promote other energy efficiency features of the building, such as recovered rainwater and green roofing. Check out this elegant dashboard and find your inspiration!



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