New Low Prices April 2013



DECK Monitoring has recently completed a thorough review of our price list. As a result, we are lowering our software prices, leading to lower overall cost for virtually every monitoring package we sell!


Why is DECK lowering prices? Streamlined internal processes have reduced our cost of operation. Greater efficiency in our deployment and support activities means it costs us less to put our product in the field.

We decided on an across-the-board reduction of our software costs because that policy best serves our company mission: we aim to make our user-friendly monitoring solutions accessible for as many PV projects as possible. This price reduction will make DECK Monitoring even more attractive for your entire project portfolio, whether you are putting 10 KW on a roof, or 5MW in an open field.

Our new pricing goes into effect immediately. If you have pipeline projects that we have already quoted for you, we will gladly provide a new quote for existing projects (and we will make sure you get the lower pricing).

Contact your DECK Monitoring Account Executive to get more details on our competitive new pricing. If you have never received a quote from DECK, please call 503-224-5546; one of our sales representatives will be happy to provide more details and begin a quote for your next project.

Our new pricing is just the first in a series of new initiatives for our company this year. Keep an eye on DECK Monitoring for more game-changing products and services in 2013!

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