Troubleshooting An AcquiSuite’s Internet Connectivity

When troubleshooting an AcquiSuite’s internet connection, your tech will most likely request two informational items. First, the results of the AcquiSuite’s connection test and secondly, the transfer log. These two pieces of information will allow the DECK support technician to better diagnose issues with internet connectivity.

This document and accompanying video will go over how to gather that information.

A) Connection Test

1) Navigate to the local IP of your AcquiSuite. Once there, you will see the main AcquiSuite menu on the left hand side of your interface:

2) Navigate to the ‘Testing/Diagnostics’ area at the very bottom of the menu, and click to expand that option.

     aqcuisuite connectivity troubleshooting 1.png

3) Click on the ‘Connection Test’ link:

      acquisuite connectivity 2.png

4) Click ‘Begin Test’ (traceroute is unnecessary) to start the test. Each successful test will show a green ‘Success’ and each failure a red ‘Failed’.

      acquisuite connectivity 3.png

5) When you see ‘Test Complete’ at the bottom of the page, copy the text of the test into an email and send it to your DECK support technician. If this test comes back successful but you are still experiencing issues with your internet connectivity we will have to use the transfer log to diagnose any issues.

B) Transfer Log

Here's how to generate a transfer log:

1) Navigate back to the left menu and click on the ‘Log File Data’ link.

2) Click the ‘Setup/Upload’ submenu:

 acquisuite connectivity 4.png

3) Verify that your ‘Upload debug information’ is set to ‘Full Debug’. If it is not, select Full Debug and click on the ‘Apply’ button in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

4) Click ‘Upload Data Now’. This will engage a new transfer attempt and new Transfer Log.

5) Click on ‘Upload Data Now’.

6) Click onto View Transfer Log. This will open the log in a new tab or window.

     acquisuite connectivity 5.png

7) When the upload attempt has finished, copy that text into an email and send to your DECK support technician for review.

C) Video Overview

Here's a video tutorial on the above processes:



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