Kiosk Troubleshooting Guide

This document will cover the following issues:
1) Blank Screen
2) Touchscreen cursor not following finger
3) Kiosk error message “Page Not Found”


NOTE: Should you need to login to the Kioware webpage to view license information the Username is Email for the password.

Blank Screen

If there is nothing showing up on the screen, the first thing to do is check the cables. Start with the power cables for the computer and the monitor, then check the VGA/HDMI/DVI cable to make sure all cables are properly connected.

Touchscreen Cursor not Following FingerOrange_Line.png 

If the touchscreen cursor is not following the user’s finger, there are a couple possible culprits. The first (and most common) is that the USB cable is not plugged in from the monitor to the computer. This is not a cable that would commonly be attached to a monitor... check to make sure that it is connected.

The second possibility is that the touchscreen alignment is off.

To fix this issue you must first exit the Kioware program. To do this, touch the screen once in each of the four corners of the display: begin in the upper left corner, then move clockwise around the display, ending at the lower left corner. This will prompt a keypad window to pop up... enter your code here to exit the program (the default code is 3523).

Now log into your computer as the “DECK” user. The computer will automatically load the Kioware program again... follow the same steps to exit the program one more time.

Now look in the system tray in the bottom right: there will either be a little blue box that says “ELO,” or there will be double carrot up arrow which will display the “ELO” box on mouseover. Right click on the ELO box to display a menu: select “Align” and follow the steps.

Note: the alignment screen features a timer bar. This is NOT a loading bar... you must complete the alignment process before the timer bar times out.

Kiosk Error Message “Page Not Found”

If you get an error message reading “Page Not Found,” there are two possible issues. The first (and most common) is that the kiosk has become disconnected from the local web network. Check that the ethernet cable is plugged into the machine, and also into an active wall connection. If the kiosk uses WiFi, check the settings to make sure the network reception is functioning properly.

The second possibility is that the URL in Kioware is incorrect. To check this you will go to Start > All Programs > Kioware > Kioware Config Tool (you will be prompted to confirm that you want to run the program). In the upper middle of the box will be the start page URL. It should look like this:<job>_<dashboard>_<name>

Make sure that the dashboard name entered in Kioware matches the dashboard name in the DECK application.

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