Obvius AcquiSuite Modbus Error Codes

1 Operation not permitted
2 No such file or directory
3 No such process
4 Interrupted system call
5 Input/output error
6 No such device or address
9 Bad file descriptor
11 Resource temporarily unavailable
12 Cannot allocate memory
13 Permission denied
16 Device or resource busy
19 No such device
23 Too many open files in system
24 Too many open files
26 Text file busy
28 No space left on device
32 Broken pipe
52 Invalid Exchange
101 Network is unreachable
110 Connection timed out
111 Connection refused
113 No route to host
129 Illegal Function (function was not allowed by the slave device)
130 Illegal Data Address (the data address is not allowed by the slave device)
131 Illegal Data Value
132 Illegal Response Length

138 Gateway Path Unavailable (the Modbus/TCP gateway may be misconfigured)
139 Device Failed to Respond (the Modbus device may be off or disconnected)
140 Received invalid Modbus data checksum
141 Received response from unexpected device
142 Received unsolicited query, assume another Modbus master device is present.
143 Modbus device probe function received some good responses and some failures.
160 Start log (Entry in log file after AcquiSuite starts up)
161 Stop log (Entry in log file if AcquiSuite is shut down properly)
162 System time changed, caused logger to restart logging for intervals.
163 System auto-restart
164 Log entry corrupt.
165 Modbus device restart detected.
192 Modbus device does not match the device type in the configuration file.
193 Modbus device's serial number changed. (could be two devices with the same Modbus address)

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