Warranty: DST Controls

DECK policy is to pass along to our customers current warranty coverage from hardware manufacturers at the time of sale per each device. Warranty terms seen here are subject to change without notification from DECK. Contact the hardware manufacturer for complete current warranty details.


DST warrants the products and equipment sold will substantially conform to the applicable specifications and will be free from defects in material and workmanship for one year after shipment, under normal and proper use and service. DST, at its sole discretion, shall replace or repair any equipment covered by this warranty. Buyer shall ship equipment, transportation prepaid, to Benicia, California. Equipment supplied by DST, which is not practical to be shipped to Benicia, California, will be inspected for reasons of failure by DST at Client’s site. Costs of inspection shall be borne by Buyer.

The warranty provided for in this proposal does not cover, and DST shall not be liable for, (i) abnormal wear and tear or damage caused by use or handling which is improper or contrary to the instructions provided by DST, (ii) improper storage of products, including storage of products unprotected from weather and other job conditions, (iii) any cause beyond the control of DST, including conditions caused by acts of God, intentional acts, accidents, negligence or (iv) any damage to the finish of the Products after they leave DST's facility.

Items repaired or replaced and designs corrected under warranty are warranted only for the remainder of the original warranty period.

If it is determined that the equipment failure is due to abuse, misuse, or unauthorized alteration or modification of the equipment, hardware or software by Buyer, DST shall repair the equipment, at the request of the Buyer, at its then prevailing rates for time and materials.

DST shall have a reasonable amount of time to make repairs. A “reasonable amount” of time may vary based upon the type and complexity, availability of technical personnel and the availability of the parts necessary to properly affect repairs of the damaged equipment.

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