Warranty: Sierra Wireless

DECK policy is to pass along to our customers current warranty coverage from hardware manufacturers at the time of sale per each device. Warranty terms seen here are subject to change without notification from DECK. Contact the hardware manufacturer for complete current warranty details.



By using this product you agree to the following
provisions which contain limitations on warranties
and liabilities and your remedies.
1.1 Definitions. In this End-User Warranty:
(a) “Date of Purchase” means the date indicated on the
original bill of sale or receipted invoice for the
product from the Distributor or, if neither of these is
available, the date indicated on the product
activation certificate;
(b) “Distributor” means a Sierra Wireless authorized
(c) “Product” means any of the following Sierra Wireless
products: MP Series Modems, GX400, GX440,
PinPoint X, PinPoint XT, Raven X, Raven XE, and
Raven XT. For greater certainty, “Product” does not
include the suite of device management tools that
are supplied with the foregoing products, and which
are covered under a separate software licence;
(d) “Sierra Wireless” means Sierra Wireless, Inc. and
any legal entity or entities directly or indirectly
controlling, controlled by, or under common control
with Sierra Wireless, Inc. “Control” means the right
to exercise, directly or indirectly, more than 50% of
the voting rights attributable to the shares,
partnership interests, membership shares or similar
ownership interest of such controlled entity;
(e) “YOU” and “YOUR” means the individual or entity
who originally purchased the Product; and
(f) “Warranty Period” means the period starting on the
Date of Purchase and ending, if you have not
purchased an extended warranty, as follows:

Standard Term      
GX400 MP Series PinPoint X Raven XT
GX440 Modems Raven X PinPoint XT
    Helix RT Raven XE
5 Years 3 Years 3 Years 1 Year

or, for the products listed below, if you have purchased an
extended warranty, as follows:

Extended Term
 Raven XT
 PinPoint XT
 Raven XE
 3 Years

 1.2 Headings. Headings have been inserted in these
provisions for convenience of reference only and will
not affect their construction.
2.1 Warranty. If YOU are the original end-user purchaser
of the Product, Sierra Wireless provides YOU
with a personal, non-transferable, warranty that, during
the Warranty Period:
(a) the Product shall be of good quality and free from
defects in design, materials, workmanship and
manufacture under normal use and service;
(b) all materials, parts, components and other items
incorporated in the Product shall be new and
(c) the Product shall comply with, and perform in accordance
with, the Product specifications current at the
Date of Purchase.
2.2 Warranty Returns. During the Warranty Period, if
YOU wish to return a defective Product, YOU must
first contact Sierra Wireless via the “Make a
Request” form on Sierra’s website:, or
via email at to obtain a
Return Material Authorization (“RMA”) number.
You may then return the defective Product, transportation
charges prepaid, accompanied by written proof
of purchase (a bill of sale or receipted invoice or activation
certificate), and YOUR completed RMA submission
form (including the RMA number) to Sierra
Wireless at the address set out in the RMA submission
2.3 If Sierra Wireless determines that the Product YOU

returned meets the warranty set out in Section 2.1 above

(Warranty), Sierra Wireless shall, at its expense:
(a) either:
(i) repair the Product, or
(ii) replace the Product with a new or a rebuilt unit
(which may use refurbished parts of similar
quality and functionality);
(b) ship the repaired or replaced unit back to YOU; and
(c) warrant the repaired or replaced Product for a period
of ninety (90) days or the remainder of the original
Warranty Period, whichever is longer.
2.4 Not Covered. This warranty does not cover:
(a) a Product for which YOU are not the original
(b) a Product that is returned after the Warranty Period
has expired;
(c) a Product that has been installed other than per the
Sierra Wireless Installation Guidelines;
(d) a Product that has been maintained, altered or
modified, opened (other than per the Sierra
Wirelesse User Guide) or repaired, other than by
Sierra Wireless or by a Sierra Wireless authorized
service center;
(e) a Product that has been used outside of its published
maximum ratings or with hardware that is electrically
or mechanically incompatible;
(f) a Product on which the serial number has been
altered, removed or rendered illegible;
(g) a Product that has been physically damaged, other
than by Sierra Wireless or a Sierra Wireless authorized
service center;
(h) a Product that experiences signal reception
problems, unless caused by a defect in material(s) or
workmanship in the Product;
(i) the cost of installation, removal or reinstallation of the
Product, or the cost of shipping the defective Product
to Sierra Wireless;

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